Saturday May 28, 2011

The Beginning
Well, I've thought about this a lot and I mean A LOT. I can see it...its within my reach...but in real life, I'm not that fit skinny girl I wanna be. I'm also not getting any younger...that's kind of out of my control but as for my health, I'm in control.

Wow! This post has taken me forever to write. I want it all perfect in what I say and think but that will come in time as I write my journey to getting healthy, fit and thin.

Here is my starting weight 169
waist 37
hips 43
thigh 25
breast 39 1/2 (cuz I hate how ginormous they are)
arms 12

And for the photo. I took this of myself, it was a little hard, just got out of the shower no make-up...ugh, but isn't that how the before and after photos suppose to be?!

This is what I want to work towards. I love the look of being FIT.

So, today was a busy day but was still able to get the food for my start tomorrow. I plan on doing the Live the Life program for 10 days mostly focusing on the food then adding the workouts

Day 1

Today was was Fast Sunday and I forgot. I had some eggs and a banana. When I got home form church I was pretty hungry and went to the fridge looking for food and just about grabbed the easiest, then was reminded "No" your watching what you eat. I can't believe how easy it is to forget.

It's midnight...still awake...hungry, but not going to eat anything. I'm determined to shed the lbs and feel good.

Peace Out!

Day 2 

I feel spectacular. Had a soccer game tonight and I could even keep with the guys. It was fun...even though we lost.
So, brownies and oreos were in the room and I didn't have any...oh, wait one oreo slipted in my mouth (it was kind of automatic).

Day 5

Woke up early. Went to the school to set up my photo booth for 6th Grade Celebration. Didn't eat. Found some crackers in the diaper bag. Had a slice of pizza at hungry. Finally came home at 2:00 had a yummy lunch and then dinner time rolled a round and stupid me bought some oreos for a fun treat for the kids and then I had 5. Yep, that was my day of crappy eating, being in a rush and not planning.

Day 6

Refreshed and ready to go on eating healthy. Oh yeah!!!


Heidi said...

Love your post girl! You crack me up. I relate to you on so many levels in this post. What a brave girl to do before and after pics... hmm... maybe I will too.... thats a little scary to think of.

bestofthebishops said...

I don't know you...but you're brave & awesome!! I think this will help all of us with the accountability aspect of trying to get in better shape(err...just skinnier!)!! I think I will post some tonight. Way to motivate me. I did a Jillian fat burn video this morning & it was great!! (Tons easier than Insanity.:)) Double bonus.