day #1

Laying in bed last night I was excited to start my 10 days. But...now its morning...and I'm hungry just wishing I could go in there and eat the leftover pizza from last night. But, I can't so I guess I will make eggs. Its not as fast and easy as cold pizza but I have GOT to put everything else aside and put me first. Who knew this would be so hard to do?

My house is a mess. The boys room stinks. ( Why does their room stink so bad in the morning, their practically babies?) There is a ring in the toilet, tonz of laundry. So...groundhog day begins. Its the same routine over and over. Its amazing I find so much joy in this thing called motherhood. Its a lot of work. Like from the second you wake up until the minute you lay your head on the pillow at night. Yep, this "putting me first thing" is going to be tough. I can do it though...but only if its for just 10 days.

...where's my running shoes?

DAY 2...and 3

So... How have I been doing? Well lets just say my life has been busy and I THINK I have been doing okay. I am going to start writing things down (why didnt I do this in the first place?). I can think of so many things that I need to do better but today I am going to focus on drinking all of my water and writing down my food. A lot of diets say things like "lose 8 pounds in your first week" I am convinced that its water weight....So what, who cares if its water weight...8 pounds is 8 pounds.

The other day I was thinking back to when I was a little girl. My mom paid me 50 dollars for eating no sugar for one month. (What a good mommy). I lost wieght... and I was 10 years old. I have a ten year old that eats whatever the heck she wants and stays thin... NO FAIR... I say ...NO FAIR! My heart aches for chubby 10 year old girls cause I used to be one of them. I remember writing the word "NO" on my hand to remind me of my no-sugar commitment. It worked!

Maybe today I will write the word "NO" on my hand to help me control my temptations.

No to sugar (and all bad carbs).
Yes to water.

Wheres my pen?